DIY Candy Button Nails with D.I.D. & EcoHabitude

I’m excited to share a new tutorial with you guys. A few weeks ago, Adrienne of DID Nail Paint and I sat down to do some amazing nail-work at the EcoHabitude showroom. I haven’t really paid attention to keeping my nails long and growing, so we chose a nail design to suit shorter lengths- a cute, multi-color dot pattern. People definitely noticed the design!

Best part, it’s totally doable yourself at home! I’m thinking of trying it out myself next week.

See the comprehensive tutorial and article on the EcoHabitude blog.

Needed (all polishes by D.I.D.):

  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • White nail polish (D.I.D. Cloud Nine)
  • 3-4 multi-colored polishes
  • Dotting tool or toothpick
  1. Clean nails, buff and apply base coat.
  2. Coat the thumbs with two layers of the white polish. Brush on the white polish on half the nail, diagonally, for remaining fingers.did-nail-tutorial-step-2
  3. Pour the multiple colors on a sheet of white paper to make your palette.
  4. Dip the dotting tool or toothpick into a color, and start dotting all the nails with the polish in a semi-random pattern. (Go over the white areas, leave the unpainted areas neutral.) did-nail-tutorial-step-3
  5. Repeat with remaining colors.

fingernails diy dots

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