Try This in 2017: Crazy Creative Makeup

I am a fiend when  it comes to trying creative makeup lately! I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because I left behind the plump youthfulness of the 20s and acquired a big, fat “3” in front of my age number? Some unexplained force is making me dabble in more than the Kylie browns and nudes. I feel the spirit of the holy one, St. Pat McGrath, has entered my body and is forcing my hand to blend those freaky greens into some impeccable ombre on my lids.

Summer 2017 Creative Makeup

Naturally, that means that I’ve been pinning way too many crazy makeup looks on Pinterest and dabbling in old palettes that I should’ve thrown out years ago. If you watch my Insta-stories, you know I rocked some glossy MAC shades on my lids recently in a bright green with an electric blue shade on my lashes. Whatevs, my inner Patty’s happy.

We’re seeing a lot of super neutral, natural face looks this season as a primary trend. Rules are meant to be broken though, and there are plenty of ways to push the boundary of natural without looking like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.

  1. Punch up the lips with some glitter or ombre. I recently discovered that a pastel pink with deep purple fading in from the outer edges of the mouth looks extremely badass.
  2. Swipe a super bright shade over the entire lid or mix in two watercolor shades. I’m also a big fan of colored mascaras standing out against a contrasting color on the lids. If you don’t want to go too far with it, try a super bright liner.
  3. Do a glossy super creased lid. It doesn’t matter if it smudges a bit and settles into the crease halfway through the day. That’s the point!
  4. Pay attention to the brows. Add glitter on top or right underneath in a clean line. Or emphasize the tail end with a harsh line while leaving the rest bare. Play with it!
  5. Pink is all the rage this season, so swipe a bright pink shade from the lids straight into your cheekbones. Make a big curved C shape and be unapologetic with the ’70s vibes.

Some finds to get you started in your own experimentation:

Images via Imaxtree

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