Before You Buy: Billie Razor Subscription Review

Billie razor subscription review

Product: Billie Razors
Price: $9/delivery
Where to Buy: Billie

Using It:

You’ve been shaving for years most likely, so there’s no need to let you know how to properly shave. With the Billie razor subscription, you’ll get a handle and a refill every month or several months based on your shaving frequency. Simply replace the razor every few months and enjoy a high-quality blade and razor without the pink tax markup.

Billie Razor Subscription Review:

I dismissed “essential” subscription boxes as a little bit bougie and unnecessary. After all, I was used to getting the cheapest razor possible at the drugstore and using it for several years before it felt like I was scraping my legs with a piece of broken glass. At this point, I would switch to the next cheap razor. No pink tax for me, thank you very much!

Unfortunately, I also frequently wound up with scrapes, cuts, and large swaths of hairy patches wherever I shaved. I’m not a careful shaver, to begin with, so adding a cheap disposable razor to the mix only made things worse.

I finally decided enough was enough, and my 30s is as good a time as any to grow up and use appropriate tools for my shower shave routine. After all, $9 every three months wasn’t going to break the bank for me, and having smooth legs without a funky fuzz pattern would be great once the temperatures rise again.

The Billie handles are swanky, ergonomically designed and come in a variety of modern hues. I chose Dreampop because my sad shower needs some color in it. I’m proud to display it in my bathroom with the magnetic holder. Overall, the design is fantastic.

My first impression of the package itself was something akin to heart-eyes emoji. It was pretty, modern and oh so girly without being saccharine. The different components of the razor were in pleasantly decorated bags, inside of which are holographic, of course. I did get a pang of guilt opening the plastic bags though. While they’re pretty, I would’ve preferred recyclable paper and a reduction in plastic waste. I understand the ‘gram culture, but I’ve also become conscious of the amount of plastic trash I inadvertently have to receive with my products.

I immediately hopped in the shower and got to shaving. The razor glides on the skin like butter. Nice and smooth! That might be thanks to the fact it’s encased in 360° of charcoal shave soap. In fact, I noticed I missed a spot out of the shower (go, me!) so I was about to do my dry shave over the little patch, and for the first time ever, it was just a smooth slide without a burn. Win in my book.

Because I’m conscious of my environment and I don’t shave every day, I opted for a refill every three months. The original package has an extra blade for now, but I don’t anticipate my current one dulling very quickly.

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Notable Ingredients

  • All Billie products are cruelty-free and vegan.
  • Charcoal soap around the blade is derived from coconuts, providing extra moisture along with exfoliation.

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Thinking of trying the Billie razor subscription service? I thought it was a bit bougie at first, but after giving it a try, I'm addicted. Read the review. #subscriptionboxreview

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Billie Razor Subscription Review
  • Packaging/Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Affordability
  • Effectiveness
  • Value
The Good

Pretty color selection

Super smooth shave

Magnetic holder

The Bad

Lots of packaging plastic

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